LEGAL PART 103 ZJ Viera Ultra light

At last, what the world has been waiting for!
From the creative mind of designer Marek Ivanov. Produced and distributed by well known aircraft manufacturer Interplane s.r.o. An airplane that will change the way we think of flying and the costs associated with it! Sleek, responsive design allows simple construction, resulting in minimal maintenance and low cost. Innovative styling attracts attention even among crowds!  Literally an airplane for every garage, with features such as the transport on the roof of an automobile option! Do not miss out on the unbelievably low introductory prices!

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New ultralight design revolutionizes the global skies. Extremely light airplane which meets America’s Part 103 requirements. Aluminum tube proof of concept prototype is successfully flying, and handles beautifully. Composite version under construction. Simple, high quality, one piece, all composite fuselage holds together engine, wings, wheels and tail surfaces, resulting in low maintenance and price.

Wing construction consists of glass fiber leading edge and composite ribs covered with Ceconite. Horizontal tail has aluminum structure. Light weight allows the use of small engines such as Simoniny, Sky, Hirth, JPX

The wings and horizontal tail are easily detachable for storage and transport.

Available in mono or tricycle landing gear.

Many other options under development, including transport of airplane on roof of vehicle, nose styling alternatives and enclosed cabin

 Mono wheel.

Tri gear


Wing span 7,5 m 25 ft
Wing area 9 m2 99 sqft
Length 5 m 16,6 ft
Width, fuselage 0,55 cm 21,6 in
Empty weight 68 kg (75kg) 150 lb ( 165 lb)
Gross weight 175 kg 386 lb
Wing Loading 19,4 kg/m2
Engine Hirth33 26 hp
Stall speed 44 km/h 24 knots
Cruise speed 102 km/h (93 km/h) 55 knots ( 50 knots)
VNE speed 128 km/h 70 knots
Rate of climb 3,5 ms-1 ( 2,5 ms-1) 689 FPM (492,5 FPM)
Fuel capacity 10 l 2,65 U.S. gal

Introductory Prices: Kit 4800 EUR (hours to build: 200) (Quick build kit also available)
Ready to fly 10 000 EUR

Mono wheel

Tri gear

Mono wheel without complete cowl

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